NEW PATTERN: Maker's Travel Trio

Hello friends! I have a brand new sewing pattern for you! The Maker's Travel Trio PDF Pattern features three different zipper pouches: the Notion Pouch, Rotary Pouch, and Tote.

Each pouch tutorial includes written and photo instructions to help guide you through the sewing process. This is a beginner-intermediate level pattern. Start with the Notion Pouch and work your way up to the Tote to build your skills and learn some new tricks.

To view the fabric requirements and more info, click here.

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You can purchase this pattern in my Pattern Shop at any time!

Moda Love Quilt + EQ Mini

Happy Tuesday! I've had a lot on my plate here recently but I just had to participate in the Mood Love-in' Sew Along on Instagram hosted by Moda Fabrics.

I have also been playing with the EQ Mini software from The Electric Quilt Company, and this felt like the perfect time to use the program to do a mock-up of the quilt top I had in mind for this sew along. If you're interested in this quilt, keep reading!

Mock up of my Moda Love quilt top using EQ Mini Software
First, you can get the FREE Moda Love Quilt pattern here. The pattern comes in three sizes, perfect for using precut fabrics like mini charms, charm packs, or layer cakes. Its a very fast finish!

I chose the layer cake version which finishes at 72" x 72" and used a low volume layer cake I had from a recent fabric swap. The background is this year's Kona Color of the Year: Splash. It is such a vibrant turquoise, I had to use it as soon as I bought it!

Using EQ Mini for Moda Love

Now, if you've also got EQ software this mock-up is super simple! It uses squares and HST's (half square triangles) in the layout shown below. You can use the Moda Love pattern for reference when rotating blocks to make sure you get it right, then play with fabric combinations until you get a design you love! 

Another cool thing about EQ software is the ability to print an outline page of your entire quilt, which is essentially perfect for a printable coloring page!

If you don't have EQ software and you'd like to print a coloring page for the Moda Love quilt I saved one in PDF form for anyone interested! Click to download the coloring page.

Are you sewing along with Moda and the rest of us? What size are you making?

NEW PATTERN: Tooth Fairy Pillow

Never wake the kids again! 

Does the Tooth Fairy in your house need a little help sometimes? I've got a new pattern for you! These handy little pillows hang outside of the childs door on the door knob, so there's no more sneaking into their room and digging for a tooth under their pillow!

This tutorial will walk you through making a very simple Tooth Fairy Pillow in no time! You can use a quilt-as-you-go panel, EPP panel, or simple quilting fabric to make these adorable cushions and totally customize them to your while by embroidering their name.

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Speedy Vinyl Pouches

Happy Friday! I've got another great pattern from Aneela Hoey to share with you today!

These Speedy Vinyl Pouches are great if you're needing an introduction project to help you learn sewing with vinyl and zippers. You could sew up an entire trio of these pouches in a couple hours, and they would even be great for classes.

The pattern is easy to follow and could definitely be made by a skilled beginner. If you're not familiar with binding pouches like this, checkout my quick tutorial for getting perfect mitered corners.

I used various types of vinyl from SewHungryHippie on Etsy, including clear glitter, purple glitter, and turquoise. She has so many options in her shop! I wanted this pouch set to be bright and colorful, so I knew I had to use some of her vinyl :)

You can purchase the Speedy Vinyl Pouches pattern directly from Aneela's Pattern Shop.

Perfect Mitered Binding Corners

Do you struggle with getting those nice sharp corners on your quilt binding? I've got a solution for you! This super simple trick will help you get perfect mitered binding corners EVERY time. And it'll only cost you $1.78 :)

So let's get straight into it...

What you'll need:
We're going to start at the corner, since that's what this tutorial is all about. View the quick video at the end of this tutorial for more visual help!

  1. Begin stitching down your binding. Stop stitching your binding down approx. 2-3 inches from the first corner. Place the 45 degree angle of your QP Seam Guide directly at the corner.
  2. Make a mark with your pencil along the 45 degree angle approximately ¼" long.
  3. Continue stitching your binding down, once you get to the marked line, follow it directly off the quilt edge and cut the thread.
  4. Take the tail of the binding and fold it over your corner towards the right side.
  5. Now, bring the binding back towards the left, lining the short edge of the binding up with evenly with the right edge of the quilt, creating a fold.
  6. Begin stitching the binding down again until you reach the next corner. Repeat Steps 1-5 until you're done with all corners and connected the binding ends.
  7. Next, fold your binding over the raw edge of the quilt and secure to the back side with clips or pins.
  8. Starting with one corner first, flatten one side of the binding down to the backside of the quilt and straight across the corner. Fold the adjacent side over to create a mitered corner where the two binding sides meet. Repeat for all corners.

I hope this helped you! I find it easiest to put a single pin directly at the mitered point before stitching down the binding to finish off the quilt, just so the point doesn't slip at all.

Craftsy Ditches Designers

If you keep up on the quilting / sewing / knitting industry at all, you'll probably have heard the news about Craftsy (a Bluprint / NBC Universal company) culling over 20,000 patterns and deleting the seller profiles of some designers all together just weeks ago.

I was one of the lucky ones, or so I thought, who's pattern shop was chosen by Craftsy to remain open. I received an email (shown below) letting me know that while my shop would remain open "some" of my patterns would be removed.

What I didn't know was that when I awoke on December 28, 2018 to check my Crafsty account, all but 3 of my patterns would be gone. And the remaining three? ALL free patterns. Every pattern I had on Craftsy that brought any income for myself (a small amount I might add, but still matters to small business owners) was gone. No pattern sales coming in. No income.

For me, it was a shock to find my least popular free patterns still available while my most popular / best selling patterns had been deleted. As an individual pattern designer and small business owner (sole proprietor) this was bad news days before Christmas. My shop had been doing so well, and now there was nothing.

Some of my patterns that used to be on Craftsy.

Personally, I have some thoughts on why Crafsty chose to keep mostly free patterns and remove patterns that would earn income for any designers...

  1. Crafsty gets website traffic from any free downloads linked back to their website. Think of Pinterest and all the other social media platforms where designers link you straight to a pattern. Wether it is free or paid, every link sending you to Craftsy means website traffic and $$ for them. When you remove more than 90% of paid patterns and leave only the free ones, essentially the only entity benefiting from the download is Craftsy and the person downloading a free product. The designer gets nothing.
  2. Crafsty doesn't charge a fee for hosting pattern sales and never has. This wasn't very smart on their part, they could have been making 5% on each sale just like Payhip does... but instead they allowed designers to host and sell patterns at no cost. Im sure this will change in the future, as it wasn't a great business model. I can't blame them if they do make the change, but the way they handled it was very disappointing.
These things likely contributed to Craftsy / Bluprint massively downsizing their pattern library and designer profiles. But, the things that have bothered me the most are the very abrupt notice designers were given days before Christmas, directly affecting their income and livelihood in some cases, and their decision to allow many artists who film Craftsy Classes to keep their ENTIRE pattern library (free and paid patterns). Yes, you read that right... most people who filmed classes for Craftsy + sold patterns in their online marketplace were not affected by this downsizing at all. They can still sell patterns. So apparently if you're associated with Craftsy or Bluprint in business terms, you're safe - because you're making THEM money!

The Aftermath

Many designers, including myself, have decided to delete those free remaining patterns so that Craftsy can no longer benefit from the website traffic and free advertising our hard work has brought them. During this process I decided I would leave ONE free pattern, except I would be editing the description to include a direct link to my new Payhip Pattern Shop instead. I was surprised to find that  after editing the pattern and clicking "save"... nothing was actually saved at all! I could not edit or update my own pattern. Days later I noticed the pattern was finally updated. There are definitely some flaws with the site now.

I'm not sure how many other designers have realized this, but I have heard from a lot of fellow quilters on Instagram who were also dealt a blow by Craftsy. Some of them had their entire pattern library deleted. Some only had free downloads left, just like me. And the buyers? Now when you go to your Craftsy library, photos and descriptions are missing from your purchases. Only the designer name remains... so you have no idea what pattern it is. Some have said there are entire purchases missing and they can no longer access things they've bought.

Missing photos, titles, and descriptions of patterns in my Craftsy pattern library.

Why It Matters

For the seller: If you've never drafted or designed a pattern, you may not know the number of hours that goes into the process. It is time consuming and often requires a lot of math, testing your product, taking photos, editing photos, designing PDF's that can be properly printed, and so on. Continuing to host a free product on Craftsy makes NO SENSE for designers if you're not even going to benefit from website traffic to your own site or social media page. If you're like me, those remaining free Crafsty patterns won't even translate to a possible sale, because they've deleted all my paid patterns! There is nothing keeping me on Craftsy Marketplace any longer.

For the buyer: Your hard earned money feels wasted when you've got no idea if all of your purchases have remained in your Craftsy library (regardless of wether they said they will or not) because images, descriptions, and titles are missing for over 20,000 downloads now that they've been removed from the website.

What a mess!

So Where Are My Patterns Now?

You can find all of my patterns in my Payhip Pattern Shop. Each PDF is an instant download and the site is easy for EU/VAT users too.  All patterns are written in English.

I plan on releasing at least 3 new patterns this year, I hope you'll follow along!

Click to shop now!

My newest pattern hack "Bauble Pod" compliments the "Popcorn Pouch" so well!

What Are Your Thoughts?

I'd love to know what you think about this whole mess. Were you affected by the Crafsty upheaval? 

I feel sick thinking about the thousands of designers who were affected by this terrible move on Craftsy's part. The company seems to have gotten worse for small-time designers like me since NBC Universal took over, it's not at all what it used to be. Hopefully moving forward another site will take the place of Crafsty and people like myself won't be overrun by big box businesses.

Bauble Pod: A Popcorn Pouch Pattern Hack

HAPPY NEW YEAR! The long awaited Bauble Pod Hack for the Popcorn Pouch is finally here!

After many many requests to make this little pouch into a pattern, I have decided to post it as a free tutorial on my blog, as it is simply a different way to finish off my already popular Popcorn Pouch pattern.

First thing's first, you will need the Popcorn Pouch PDF Pattern to complete a Bauble Pod.
You can also purchase a printer & mobile friendly Bauble Pod PDF for $1 if you would like to print these instructions instead of viewing on the blog only.


Each MINI Bauble Pod is approx 3” tall, 2” wide and 1.5” deep


1. First, you'll want to choose a Popcorn Pouch size from the pattern. I'll be using the Mini / Keychain version for this tutorial. Any size will work.

2. Cut all your pieces and follow steps 1-4 from the original pattern.

3. Turn your pouch inside out (lining will be facing outward) and sew across the bottom of pouch with a ¼" seam. Cut off excess zipper tape on bottom only.

4. Pull the zipper all the way to the top and flatten pouch with zipper tape on the right side. The bottom will create a diamond shape as shown below.

5. Using an acrylic ruler with a 45 degree marking, place the corner of the ruler on the bottom corner of your pouch (made when we flattened the pouch out). Make a 1" marking across the corner as shown for Mini size -- (1" for Mini, 1.5" for Small, 2" for Medium, 2.5" for Large)

6. Sew directly across the marked line. Cut off excess corner fabric, leaving approx. ¼" seam allowance. Turn pouch over, flatten, and repeat for second corner.

7. Turn pouch rightside out (exterior fabric will be showing) and place zipper pull in the middle of the pouch.

8. Referring back to the Popcorn Pouch Pattern, complete steps 5-8 for the top of the pouch only. Finish as instructed.

You're done! I hope you enjoy making these little Bauble Pods and thank you for your support these last few months. The Popcorn Pouch has been a huge success!

You can purchase the Bauble Pod PDF instant download from my shop for $1 and print this tutorial also. 

ANY size Popcorn Pouch can be made into a Bauble Pod and you can even add on a wristlet for the larger ones! Please use #baublepod and #popcornpouch on social media when sharing your creations :)