Quarter Log Cabin Quilt Tutorial

Today I've got a super cute quilt pattern tutorial to share with you using a Jelly Roll and a Layer cake and a little bit of yardage! It's a great throw quilt size, perfect for the couch, picnics, etc.

I initially saw a quilt similar to this by Cindy Clammon and was so inspired to make one for my Mom for her birthday, but I wanted different sized blocks and I used a different sashing method, etc. So I talked to Cindy and asked her if she minded I share my own tutorial, inspired by hers. :)

If you're unfamiliar with precuts, a Jelly Roll typically consists of 40+ strips of fabric that are 2.5" wide x WOF, and a Layer Cake is a stack of 10" squares. We'll only be using 10 strips from our jelly roll to make a lap size quilt, but you could essentially make a King Size quilt from an entire jelly roll (and another layer cake or 2 of course). This quilt is also an awesome way to use up scraps!

Download the $1 printable PDF or follow free instructions below..

Fabric Requirements:

  • One Jelly Roll
  • 3 yards background fabric (border, sashing and setting triangles)
  • 4 ½ yards backing fabric
  • Half yard binding fabric
  • Batting
Finished quilt size: 53" x 74"

*Use a ¼" seam throughout.



1.   From your printed Jelly Roll, choose 30 strips. From each strip cut the following pieces:
    • Four - 2.5" squares
    • Four - 2.5" x 4.5" strips
    • Two 2.5" x 6.5" strips
  • *You may have a few pieces leftover at the end. Feel free to make a matching pillow cover :)
    2.   Cut 10 Layer Cake squares into 1.5" x 6.5" strips, and the other 10 squares into 1.5" x 7.5" strips and set aside.You should yield 6 strips from each square, you will need 118 strips total. (59 each of each size)

    3.   Mix and match the pieces you cut from your printed Jelly Roll to make your blocks. Each block will require 3 separate prints as shown below. Make 59 blocks total.

    4.   Once all blocks are completed add a 1.5" x 6.5" strip to the left side, and a 1.5" x 7.5" strip to the bottom to finish off. Each block should finish around 7.5" - you will now trim them down to 7" each to square up the edges.

    Quilt Construction:

    5.   Using your background yardage, cut 24 - 7" squares for setting triangles. Assemble 11 rows on point as shown below, placing a white square at the beginning and end of each row.

    6.   Once your rows have been completed and quilt top has been pieced, trim off the excess fabric on each side to square your quilt.

    7.   To finish your quilt top, using your white background fabric, add a 2.5" border on all four sides of your quilt. Quilt and bind as desired.

    I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and find it useful! My quilt top has been sent to the long armer and will be back soon, I can't wait to share it with you!


    1. Thank you for this great tutorial. A lovely quilt you have made.
      I am so happy you shared this pattern and how you did it. Greetings from Norway.

    2. Finally something easy ! I'll give it a try , thk you !

    3. So nice. I'm going to try this.

    4. Lovely tutorial. Setting the blocks on point and floating in them in the negative space of the background gives them a lovely definition.

    5. Thank you for sharing your ideas and your quilty math. It looks gorgeous!

    6. Such a prettty quilt! Great tutorial, too! Thanks for sharing.