Bonnie & Camille Log Cabin Quilt

To my surprise... I realized I have never blogged about my beautiful Bonnie & Camille Log Cabin Quilt. I did share on Instagram, but never on my blog so I thought i'd take the time today to show you some photos and talk about this amazing quilt!

187 Quilters from 6 Countries

This quilt was made possible by 187 lovely women from all over the world (including myself), 6 countries to be exact, who joined in on the  Instagram block swap hosted by @heartfullyhandmade. 

Each of us who joined the swap made 12 - 20" log cabin blocks, quartered them and saved a few blocks for ourself. The rest went to the swap host who mixed up every block and sent them back to us to make a quilt.

The fabric

Every single block (and the entire quilt, including binding and backing) are made from Bonnie & Camille or Moda Fabrics. Each of the more recent lines go beautifully together as they're all from the same general color palette.

This is an extra scrappy quilt, and I LOVE that!

The Quilting

I have sent almost every one of my quilts to River House Quilting in Montana, U.S. The owner, Shannon Parrott, always does an absolutely fantastic job on my babies. Not to mention, she typically has them shipped and back at my doorstep in Ohio within 7 days. She is FAST!

This time, I chose an E2E longarm pattern called "Marmalade" which I thought was so fitting considering Bonnie & Camille have a Marmalade fabric line, some of which is included in these blocks!

I am really happy with how this quilt turned out, and it is definitely my all-time favorite!  Plus, participating in the swap and having these blocks from so many quilters across the world was an amazing experience. I love that this quilt has blocks from places I may never get to visit.

Have you ever participated in a block swap?

I hope you love this quilt as much as I do! It has been a very pleasant experience and I cant wait to try another block swap in the future!

Quilted Mini Tablet Case Pattern

I am so happy to share with you a new pattern I'm releasing today, the Quilted Mini Tablet Case!

This case is perfect for a Mini iPad (or similar sized tablet) and can even accommodate your tablet with a keyboard case on it! It is constructed with Soft & Stable, which makes it sturdy and gives padded protection for your tablet.

Keep reading for more photos and links to purchase :)

The Details

The Quilted Mini Tablet Case is simple enough for a beginner but also enjoyable for an expert sewist who could whip this up in no time! I have included full color photo instructions on the pouch making process as well as instructions on how to create the log cabin block I made for the front panel and a printable PDF template used to cut out your pouch pieces for precision.

The backside features a double slip pocket, perfect for a charging cable, pocket notebook, pens, and more! The inside snugly holds your iPad so it isn't sliding around and the Soft and Stable provides protection.

Where to purchase...

You can purchase the PDF pattern here:

 This pattern is copyrighted by Hilltop Custom Designs, but you may make and sell your creations on small business scale (Etsy, Personal Websites, Instagram, Facebook, Craft Shows, etc).

I am currently working on writing up a pattern for a full-size version of this that would fit an iPad Pro or regular iPad, so keep watching for that!

Sew Much Fun Blog Hop - Save Our Scraps!

Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Amista Baker, and if you're new here and visiting from the Sew Much Fun Blog Hop hosted by Jen @ Faith and Fabric, I've got some great scrap busters for you that are my go-to projects for living as waste-free as possible when it comes to fabric.

Below you'll find instructions and ideas for using up all those tiny scraps you never thought you'd have a use for!

Scrappy Gift Tags

This is my #1 favorite way to use up block trimmings. I know some can be a bit too thin and really theres not much you can do with those, but if you've got close to 1/4" (or bigger) strips left from trimming quilt blocks, squaring up fabrics, etc. then you can definitely make some of these gorgeous tags!

Instructions: Simply gather your trimmings and some paper tags. Trim the fabrics with a pinking rotary blade (optional) then add a few scraps onto the tags near the top and sew with a 1.0 - 2.0 stitch length. Trim the top flush (all one length) and trim the bottoms of each strip to various lengths as shown. If you need a step-by-step tutorial with some free printable tag shapes then just click here :)

Leaders and Enders Jar

If you chain piece, leaders and enders are likely something you use often. I keep any fabric trimmings that are too short for Scrappy Tags in a cute little mason jar and save them for use in chain piecing. This one is a bit of a no-brainer: Just grab a jar and throw the little fabric bits in whenever you have some that are suitable.

I like to finish the jar off by adding a 5" charm ontop of the lid disc to make it extra cute :)

One Inch Hexies

Another one of my favorite's is to use any 2.5" or 3" leftover squares to make one inch EPP hexagons. Sometimes I don't always know what project i'll use them for, but I eventually do use them. I like to store the fabric cuts in my Mini Sew Together Bag and bring it out whenever I want to do some hand stitching. It's a nice slow and steady project :)

If you're not into EPP, you could also save squares for small patchwork!

What about the EXTRA tiny stuff?

After using the methods above each time I sew, what I'm left with are typically teeny tiny little trimming piles that really cant be used for anything and most people throw them out, right?

WRONG - save them in a bag and use them to stuff pincushions! ;)

What is your favorite way to use scraps? 

If you can find a way to save and use your scraps, eventually you'll be down to waste-free sewing! I hope you found these helpful and thank you so much for visiting the Sew Much Fun Blog Hop!

Mandala Moonflower Embroidery Pattern

This gorgeous hand drawn Mandala Moonflower embroidery design is perfect for begginers and pro's alike. I sketched it out myself as a way to do a stitch sampler and thought I'd share the design with all of you :)

Use the printable PDF pattern to practice basic stitches, or fill it in with intricate designs and make a true work of art!

  • Available on Craftsy and Payhip.
  • Must transfer design to fabric.
  • Great as a stitch sampler or used in a class.

Have some fun! No planning is necessary :) I used DMC embroidery threads in various shades, 3 strands for each individual stitch, and simply worked my way around the mandala choosing different stitches as I moved on to new areas. In total, I used 6 different stitches.

I found myself ultra relaxed while making this, and I hope you will too! I spent an hour or so hand drawing the design, then several hours (over the course of a couple days) stitching it onto this beautiful essex linen.

Feeding My Posy Fabric Addiction

Lately I have been obsessing over Aneela Hoey's 2013 fabric line called Posy. Yes, it's obviously an old one - but it's so amazing! I cant think of another fabric line that incorporates these beautiful pastel Spring-like shades in such a cohesive way.

So, I found myself searching the #thegreatfabricdestash tag on Instagram (the best place to find OOP, rare, or just ANY fabrics you've been looking for.) I came across a particular person who was ridding herself of her entire Posy stash in small bundles at a time. I bought a couple, then went back for her very last set (a much larger one) a few days ago.

This past week I snagged a complete 5" charm pack, over 6.5 yards of fabric plus a partial F8 bundle ontop of the yardage and multiple fat quarters I already owned of this line. So now I'm pretty happy with my collection.

My next goal is to grab a few coordinating Bella Solids.

The only issue I seem to be having is that not one single shop carries all of the Bella Solids shades I'm looking for (If you know one that might PLEASE leave a comment and let me know!). It seems as though I'm only finding shops that carry one, or maybe two, of these shades which means I'd have to order from at least 3-5 shops just to get what I want and thats a lot of shipping to pay!

Side note: Have you ever used the Moda Color Palette Builder before? You simply upload a photo of a fabric print (or an entire line like I have here) and move the little dots around to match Bella Solids to your prints. You can add or subtracts as many palettes as necessary. I chose 7 here.

So, what do you think of this line? Have you used it before?

I must admit I did typically pay double for everything I bought, so I did not get these at manufacturer suggested price by any means. But to me, it was worth it ;)

Raised Fist Mini // Women's March Craft Swap

A few weeks ago I eagerly joined the Women's March Craft Swap on Instagram. Although I did tell myself "No more swaps!" I made an exception for this one because the theme is near and dear to my heart.

After a bit of confusion (and zero communication) from the main Swap Host who has yet to reemerge, a partner switch up, a sort-of-collab with Sew Hooked Jen, and a whole lot of sickness going around our house, I FINALLY got this mini done. **I have to add, Thank goodness for a group Swap Mama stepping in and taking the reigns, she saved the day!

A little background...

This image has obviously been seen a lot during the Women's March, and subsequent events, but the paper piecing pattern is all thanks to Jen from (@sewhookedjen). I sent Jen an Instagram DM several weeks ago wondering if she or anyone she knew could turn this image into a pattern and she graciously agreed. Not long after that she got back to me with a 10" test pattern to try out, and after a small adjustment the pattern was first released on my Instagram account then on Jen's blog.

The details...

I used a mix of fabric designers on this mini ranging from Cotton & Steel, to Lella Boutique, Bonnie & Camille, and Zen Chic. Everything except the "skin" was done in various shades of pink. 

The NASTY lettering at the bottom comes from the "My First Alphabet" paper piecing pattern by Diane Bohn. Each letter finishes at 3" tall and although they are small they were actually pretty simple to piece together.

The echo quilting is done in Auriful #3817 , called Marrakesh. It's a beautiful multi-color variegated 40 wt. thread. This was my first time using an Auriful 40 wt. (I typically only use 50 wt) and I have to say I absolutely loved it! Hard to see from the photos, but in person you do see the effect of the multi-color thread on the hot pink background. I think it gives it that nice extra pop of something special :)

The 40 wt. has a thicker finish and quilts up rather nicely. Below is a quick sample quilting I did on some scrap fabric and batting to show the colors.

I sure do love the way this turned out. And even though I'm sure not everyone who follows my blog may agree with the pattern or it's message, I hope you can at least appreciate the effort, creativity, and love put into it. I am rather proud of it and I think I may need one for myself :)

I hope my partner enjoys it as much as I do.