Bunny Ear Teether Tutorial & Pattern

Today I'm bringing you another new pattern! This modern bunny ear teether features square edges instead of the traditional "bunny ear" shape and the detailed tutorial includes 2 sizes of printable patterns! 

One size works for wooden rings that are 1 3/4" or smaller and the other works for wooden rings that are 2 1/2" or larger in diameter. You can get it on Craftsy or in My Shop.

This pattern was really born out of necessity. I couldnt find ANYWHERE on the internet (yes, even Pinterest) where I could purchase, or get for free, a template using square edges for these bunny teethers. And the other templates I found were way too large for the rings I had. They made absolutely massive "bunny ears" that were floppy and hard for my son to actually get in his mouth to chew on.

I created these templates to work with multiple ring sizes and they're not to long - they're just the right size to stand up nice and straight when your little one is chewing away :)

The tutorial is super detailed with pictures for every step and beginner sewing skills are needed - if you've got a sewing machine you can make these teethers!

Thanks so much for reading. You can purchase the patterns and tutorial on Craftsy or in my shop!

Button Up Bib

All right, i told you i was bib crazy. They're just too easy and quick to make and there is so much variety. Plus what parent doesnt use bibs for their babies and toddlers? Its a must-have.

This particular bib idea i found on Pinterest, but it's from an over sea's blogger (French i believe?). I had to translate the blog post then convert measurements over to inches. But because my translator didn't do that great of a job not much of the post made sense at all :(

So what i did was make my own rough measurements and basically do a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants type project.

This bib is multi-functional. Button it up to create a food catching pocket, or leave unbuttoned for an extended bib that protects more of your child's clothing.

I started out by piecing my bib front together so the bib itself and the pocket were two different prints (both from the Riley Blake Flutterberry collection) then i use a single cut of white terry cloth in the same size, grabbed 2 buttons and some white bias tape and went to town!

I really love this bib style. The ribbon tie neckline allows it to be used on all shapes, sizes, and ages of babies and toddlers and the fact that its so versatile is great too. Leave this bib buttoned up to create a food-catching pocket then unbutton it to wipe clean (this would be especially great if oil cloth was used) or simply leave it unbuttoned when worn to use as an extended bib to protect more of your child's clothing.

You can view the original tutorial here. My sizing is not the same but you'll get the general idea :)

NEW! Strawberry Ruffle Bib

This one-of-a-kind bib was just listed in my shop! I won't be making 2 that are the same, so if you like it, grab it up! :) Click here: http://www.storenvy.com/products/14348835-ruffle-bib-strawberries

Charm Pack Patchwork Bib Pattern & Tutorial

I have a new pattern release for you today! I have been writing up this pattern for a few days, literally. Pattern making is hard work... lots of photos to take a steps to detail and I'm always impatient to finish them but want to be very specific also.

I'll admit I've been in a bib making frenzy ever sense my son was born 6 months ago. They're quick, easy, and we go through a ton of them a day since he's teething and in my opinion you can never have enough. I'm sure you can imagine I've tried lots of free bib patterns but i haven't quite found one i really love, you know what i mean? They're either too round, too square, or too wide. So i've combined my love for quilting and bib making in this super cute
Charm Pack Patchwork Bib Pattern! Its VERY detailed and includes lots of photos for you!

You could make several infant size bibs from one charm pack and it doesn't take much batting or backing, so these are cheap and really cute to make! Let me know what you think of the pattern :) OR if you're interested in being a pattern tester and have a blog please email me at hilltopcustomdesigns@gmail.com

Click here to purchase the pattern on Craftsy or my Shop!

*Pattern and tutorial was created by me. Please do not reproduce or distribute this pattern for free or sell it for your own profit. All rights belong to Hilltop Custom Designs.