Perfect Superhero / Supergirl Accessories!

This year my daughter is having a big Superhero / Supergirl bash for her 6th birthday. So, naturally, as an Etsy seller I started surfing Etsy for the perfect accessories for her birthday photos, and something she could also wear at her party.

I quickly came across BethsAddABow and Bailey's Blossoms an fell in love! Not only did the colors and theme work perfectly, but everything is really great quality and they both offer quick shipping. The cape is made of satin and has a velcro closure in front, and the bow is 4" with a sturdy / slip-free clip.

Stay tuned to the blog, because in late July i'll be posting photos of even more capes from Bailey's Blossoms (which I'm using as party favors for the kids!) as well as lots of matching party printable from my shop that we'll be using at her party.

4" Superman Bow from BethsAddABow / Superman Cape from Bailey's Blossoms

Chore PunchCards for Summer Fun!

I've seen punch cards for Summer floating all over the internet for the last couple months. I love them all, but unfortunately none of them really fit the needs for my family so I've decided to make my own for chores / creating incentives to earn Summer cash!

Anyone who has school-aged children knows that after having 5 days a week filled with non-stop activities at school for 9-10 months out of a year, Summer break can be a bit boring at home sometimes. Some of us plan vacations and day trips throughout Summer, and others try to do things locally or at home. Either way, it can be difficult keeping kids busy of any age.

That's where these handy punch cards come in!

Here's how it works: Just purchase and download the cards, print on 8.5x11" paper or card stock and cut out. Each time your child completes a chore, make a check mark or punch out the circle for that chore. Determine a system were X amount of punches = X amount of dollars. This gives your child incentive to earn some Summer cash so they can go have fun while keeping Mom & Dad happy too :)

You can get these Chore Lists and Chore Punch Cards for $2.50 each. Click the "Contact Me" tab above or email me at

Father's Day Mason Jar Labels / Gift Tags

All new in the HCD shop are these adorable Happy Father's Day 2" labels / gift tags. These can easily be printed on sticker sheets (Avery 22817, 22807) and used on Mason Jar lids, or printed on card stock, cut out, and used as a hanging gift tag with some twine or ribbon.

If you're looking for a custom order, I can do those too!

Email me at to purchase!

{NEW!} Superhero & Supergirl Popcorn Boxes

So excited to share with you a brand new item in the shop - Superhero and Supergirl Popcorn Boxes! Buy them separately or as a set (at a discounted price). These large boxes can hold tons of treats, candy, popcorn, etc as well as make great favor boxes for kids!

Add the favors, wrap in cellophane, tie it off with a ribbon or bow and gift tags and you're good to go! These boxes are super versatile!


Email me at to purchase!