15 Free Unique Fonts

Today i've put together 15 of my favorite unique fonts. These are fonts that I like to use when I need a specific look for my items. Some of these are recent downloads for me, I happened to come across them when browsing font websites and fell in love with them so i thought i'd share with you :)

Interested in download these? Click the links below!

{FREEBIE} May 2014 Calendar

A new freebie is available for download from Hilltop Custom Designs! Get your Free May 2014 Calendar at any time between now and the end of May when a new freebie will be available.

Terms of use: You may not sell this calendar for any profit in digital or printed form. You may print in any quantity and share with friends. Copyright remains with HCD.

Branding Your Business: 20 Uses for Business Logos

After adding business logos to my Etsy Shop and realizing what a hit they've been with customers, I wanted to show you a list of ways you can use a personal or business logo for yourself! *Weve now moved to www.hilltopcustomdesigns.com and business items are being added slowly but sure. Email us for more info :)

First, business logos aren't just for companies, they can be used for individuals as well in many different fields: bakeries, photographers, daycare providers, babysitters, graphics designers, gardeners / landscapers, boutique owners, and so much more! If you've got a service you provide to others, a great logo is a must-have when it comes to branding yourself. It's got to stand out and be unique, as well as represent who you are and what you provide.

So, let's get down to it!

Below are different places you can place your logo to maximize your branding potential:

  1. Custom business cards
  2. Ink pens
  3. Tshirts, sweatshirts, etc.
  4. Coffee mugs
  5. Tote bags or plastic bags
  6. Gift tags
  7. Gift bags
  8. Sticker labels
  9. Watermarks on photos and other digital items
  10. Letterheads and paperwork
  11. Envelopes
  12. Flyers
  13. Promotional sale cards / coupons
  14. Social Media
  15. Cupcake toppers
  16. Water bottle labels
  17. Thank You cards
  18. Email signatures
  19. Pamphlets
  20. Custom stamps
Click here to get your own custom business logos, cards, & more from Hilltop Custom Designs. 

If there are any other ways you use your logo or business information feel free to leave it in the comments below for others to see! Thanks for reading :)

You Nailed It! Gift Tags

Today I've got some super cute and simple gift tags that are perfect for use with nail polish bottles and other manicure items when given out as prizes for Spa Parties, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, or other party games.

Its pretty simple: You're playing a fun game, someone wins and as their prize you hand them a nail polish bottle (or other manicure item) with a super cute custom "You Nailed It!" tag. Every little detail counts and your guests will LOVE these :)

Each tag is 1 x 2.5" and can be fully customized to your needs. You choose the background style and color, font style and color, border color, and one line of preferred text! A tag design is only $4.00 and you'll be sent one PDF sheet containing 21 tags.

Email me at hilltopcustomdesigns@gmail.com to order!

{NEW!} Custom T-Shirt Transfer Designs

All new in the Hilltop Custom Designs shop are pre-made and custom personalized T-Shirt Transfer design images. In the days to come, more pre-made designs like the Girly Dinosaur designs shown above will be added to the shop. However, if you're looking for something to match an Invitation or other printable from my shop you're more than welcome to purchase a Custom T-Shirt Design and have something made just for you :)

Don't forget - these aren't just for kids! If you have a business or organization, I can easily upload your logo or image onto a transfer design and add in extra wording or designs! T-Shirt transfers can also be used on tote bags and so much more!

If you're someone who loves DIY projects that save you money, this is one of them! Don't pay extra when you can print the design yourself and simply iron on to a t-shirt at home. 

Check out my quick and easy  DIY T-shirt Transfer Tutorial 

Email me at hilltopcustomdesigns@gmail.com - or click the Contact Me button above - to order!

Tutorial: DIY T-shirt Transfer

Clipart from Hilltop Custom Designs, Font is Spicy Rice

Clipart isn't just for creating digital invitations and party printables, it's also great for doing at-home DIY projects like t-shirt transfers. In today's post i'll give you simple instructions on how to create your own t-shirt transfer with clipart.

Keep reading to find out how...

Doc Letters & Alphabet Clipart

All NEW in the Hilltop Custom Designs shop are super cute clipart sets inspired by Doc McStuffin's items. Each set includes clipart images in JPG (white background) and PNG format (transparent background). 

These are perfect for bottle cap images for jewelry, hair bows / headbands, as well as embroidery designs for tshirts, tutu outfits, baby bodysuits, digital invitations, party printables, and so much more! Within 24 hours of payment you'll be sent a download link.

You can purchase :

  • Full Clipart Set with all items
  • Alphabet Clipart
  • Numbers Clipart
  • Heart Clipart w/ Doc and Lamby
Visit my shop or email me at hilltopcustomdesigns@gmail.com to order!

{PRINTABLES} Custom vs. Premade

As a designer of printables, I often get asked why a custom made and personalized item is slightly more expensive than a pre-made item that is not personalized.

The answer is really simple: Creating custom items takes more time, the buyer has the freedom of changing things to their liking before a final version is sent, and most obviously - personalized items can't be resold like pre made items can. Therefore pre made items are sold at a discounted price for ANYONE who wants to enjoy them :)

I try my best to keep my prices competitive with other sellers and as cheap as I can make them. Custom items are just that - custom, they take more time to make and perfect. Please remember I put a lot of time into making these items, as well as the money spent on graphic design software, backgrounds, fonts, clipart, etc. You’re paying for a custom designed, high quality, printable file - most of which take hours to make prior to being put in my shop. Please respect this and try to understand that i do my best to give you a fair price for items and won't overcharge you for my own benefit.

Most importantly i'd like to add that most of you will notice when looking through my shop, my custom personalized items are only $1-$4 more expensive than the premade non-customizable version of the same item.

Hope this addresses any concerns and answers any questions you may have :) If not feel free to leave a comment and I will respond as soon as I can.

15 Favorite Free Kids Fonts

One of my favorite parts about creating invitations and party printables is the vast combination of fonts you can use that will complete set the mood for your design. It really does make a HUGE difference when you use the right font!!

Today i've put together 15 of my favorite fonts when creating children's printable items. I have over 400 unique fonts in my collection so it was hard to narrow it down to only 15, but I think this is a pretty good group :). These fonts seem to be the ones I use most often on printable invitations and I just love the way they look together.

Interested in download these? Click the links below!

Featured Spotlight: Custom Business Flyers

Don't forget! Hilltop Custom Designs also offers custom made Flyers and Wall Signs for all occasions and businesses. These can be made in various sizes and for any type of event or business. To date, I have designed them as welcome signs for birthday parties, business flyers, program inserts, and school events!

Please message or email me prior to purchase to discuss any design ideas you may have including background styles, colors, clipart, and fonts. I will also need all specific wording you want used and you're more than welcome to ask for a sample :)

The best part? They're only $5.00! Email me at hilltopcustomdesigns@gmail.com - or click the Contact Me button above - to order!