Have you seen our NEW Business section??

A new set of items has arrived at Hilltop Custom Designs! I am now designing the following custom items...

  • Business Cards
  • Business Logos
  • Etsy Shop Sets
  • Facebook Timeline Sets
  • & more!
I am more than happy to work with you on new designs, as well as customize the many pre made designs already in the shop. Feel free to leave me an Etsy conversation if you have any questions or comments.

Featured Spotlight: Cookie Monster Party!

This week on HCD i've released brand new Cookie Monster themed items! So far we've got two very cute invitations, thank you cards, cupcake toppers (which also double as favor tags), and water bottle labels!

All items are high quality printable files which are either delivered to you via email for at-home printing in a flash! Email me at hilltopcustomdesigns@gmail.com - or click the Contact Me button above - to order!

COUPON! 2k Sales Promotion!

In celebration of hitting my 2,000 sales mark in my Etsy shop, enjoy a coupon for 50% Off an $8 or more purchase ONE DAY ONLY! • Must use code 2kSales during checkout, discount cannot be applied after purchases are made. Promo ends at midnight 3/13/14.

We are also getting close to my 1 Yr. Anniversary on Etsy (early June) and i will either be having another promotion or some sort of Giveaway (maybe both)!!

Thanks for all your support these past 9 months!

Custom Board FAQ's

Photo provided by customer Crystal H.

I am getting VERY close to Hilltop Custom Designs 1 Yr. Anniversary!! Since my business began with making custom birthday boards for children, I thought i'd write a quick FAQ post for those of you who may be interested. I get lots of questions about the boards and the ordering process, so here is some of what you need to know....

How do I order?- The ordering process takes place on my SHOP page. You simply find a hand drawn board listing that is in stock, thoroughly read the listing description, and place the completed order form (also found in the listing description) in the "notes to seller" box when placing the item in your PayPal cart for purchase. You MUST place the completed form in the "notes to seller" section when ordering or your order will be delayed due to missing information.

How much are your boards?- Birthday boards for ages 0-2 are $25 + $9 shipping. 

Do you ship everywhere?- At this point in time I only ship to the United States, but this may change in the future.

Is the ink permanent?
- Yes, the ink is metallic and permanent. Once the board is made you may not request changes to it. All details are final so PLEASE make sure your information, spelling, etc. is correct!

What are the boards made of?- The boards are 15x20 sturdy, black collage art board. Alot like posterboard but thicker and with more stability. They have a very lightly textured surface and photograph well. Do not get the boards wet, they will warp and become damaged.

Can i return my board or get a refund?- This shop has a no returns and no refunds policy on handmade items that have permanent designs. I  do my best to provide beautiful products and I make boards based on the information you give. That includes colors used, sketches used, placement, etc. I only use the colors and sketches you request. To ensure you get the board you want please be specific and detailed. Remember everything is hand drawn, and i only make what you ask for. Boards are in perfect condition when they leave my home. If they are damaged during shipment you may ask to file an insurance claim via USPS.

If you provide me with incorrect information in your Etsy order details, that information will be put on your board. Please note that I have no idea what information is correct, or incorrect for your child and therefore will take it on good faith you have given me the information you wish to be added. This is why it is so important to check and double check BEFORE submitting orders.

What if i dont like the colors on my board?- Each listing contains a photo of the current colors I have available. If you dont like a specific shade, please dont ask that it be put on your board. This photo is provided so you know exactly what color you’ll be getting and there are no misunderstandings. Do not assume the shade will be lighter or darker when it arrives at your home.

Can i do a custom order?- As long as I have enough boards in stock to do custom orders, I will allow as many as needed. However, you must message me first before attempting to place a custom order so we may discuss the details.

Hope this helps! If there is anything else you have questions about please leave them below in the comments section and I will respond as soon as I can! :)

Minnie & Mickey Gender Reveal Party!

All NEW in the Hilltop Custom Designs Shop this week are Minnie & Mickey Gender Reveal / Baby Shower items in pink & teal! This is a very popular request from my shop. Often times when people see the classic red & black Minnie & Mickey items they will shoot me an Etsy convo asking for teal and pink instead. So after some thought i’ve decided to add these items permanently to my shop! :)

You can get the Invitation made-to-order for you, the Cupcake Toppers and the Diaper Raffle Tickets. in my shop at any time.

OR Email me at hilltopcustomdesigns@gmail.com to order!

Printable Invitations: Cardstock or Photo Paper?

One question I get asked quite often by my customer is.. “Should I print my invitations on card stock or photo paper??” and typically the answer i always give is “That is completely your choice” because let’s face it, everyone’s preferences are different.

As you can see from the photo, an invitation printed on photo paper is a little more vibrant and truer to color as opposed to one printed on white card stock. The card stock print is off-color and has a slight yellowish tone. In person the card still look good, but when compared to the photo paper print it lacks in vibrancy. However, there are some pro’s and con’s to each form of printing when it comes to invitations that I think are worth noting.....

Address blurred for privacy purposes.

Cardstock PROS:

  • Cheaper than photo paper, you can purchase an 8.5 x 11” pack of card stock (50 sheets) for approx. $6.00 at Walmart and many craft stores. One sheet will generally yield 2 invitations, making the cost per invitation at $0.06 each (for paper only). Thats cheap!
  • Prints will be sturdier than a photo and blank backs can even be used as postcards instead of putting in an envelope, which saves more money.
  • Uses slightly less ink than a photo print.
Cardstock CONS:
  • Cardstock prints are not as vibrant as photo prints and usually not 100% true to color.
  • When printing on 8.5x11” card stock from home you have to cut out the invitations yourself which requires more manual labor and time.
  • When ordering card stock prints from a printing service, it is much more costly than printing with card stock at home.
Photo Paper PROS:
  • Prints are vibrant and true to color.
  • Photo paper will generally last longer than a card stock print (if you or guests intend to keep the invitation as a memento), as card stock may fade faster. Photo paper is better designed to withstand time.
  • Printing with photo paper from home or from a kiosk is faster and easier than printing with card stock as you dont have to cut the invitations out individually, you’ll simply print them on the size of photo paper that coordinates with your invitation and you’re done. 
  • No scissors needed.
Photo Paper CONS:
  • Photo paper prints can be pricier than card stock. A 4x6” print can be $0.19+ each. So about 3-4x more than a card stock print.
  • More vibrant prints = using more ink from your home printer.
  • If you dont have a printer at home that accommodates photo prints, you’ll need to use a photo kiosk or printing service like Kinkos which becomes a tad pricer and may cause you to have to drive to pick them up, or pay to have them shipped to your home.
Essentially, the choice is yours. Are you looking for something 100% DIY that you can accomplish at home? Or do you need something fast and printed for you by a kiosk or printing service? The easiest way to make your decision is to recognize the options around you and in your community for printing, do some price checks, and decide which wether card stock or photo printing is the easiest and/or cheapest route for you.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave comments or questions at any time below, especially if you have some awesome tips to share! :)

Updated: HCD Terms of Use

Please read: The Terms Of Use, and other important information, can always be found on the Shop Policies page of my Etsy shop. Today i’ve went a step further and added a small .jpg image to each Instant Download item from my shop that details the terms of uses for you.

Feel free to take a look. As always, stay up to date on what you can and cannot do with items purchased from a digital designer! Thank you! :)