November 2014 Freebie!

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I've got ALOT of stuff to do before the new baby arrives in early March 2015 (it's a boy!) so I decided to make up my own little "Before Baby" To-Do List  today to make it easier to write all my ideas / thoughts for organization down. Aside from moving our two girls into a single bedroom (yikes!) we also have to de-clutter clothes, toys, etc AND get the nursery ready for the baby. 

It is going to be quite a feat! Pinterest has given me some great organizational tips and tricks and this list will help make sure i don't forget them LOL.

You can grab the free 8.5x11" PDF printable in color or black and white by clicking here! 

Printing Costs & Information

Although I have shutdown the online shop for most of my items, I am still getting requests for printed invites and other party items. (Yes, you can still order as long as you can pay via PayPal!) To make this information more accessible to anyone who is interested in printed items from me, below is what you will need to know.

Please read everything carefully and feel free to ask questions or email me at to place an order.

Printed Invitations: 
$0.75 each for photo paper, $0.90 each for card stock (4x6" and 5x7" only)

Costs are determined by ink, paper, shipping supplies, printing supplies, time / labor and other factors.

  • All orders will be paid in full via PayPal before your order is printed & shipped. 
  • PayPal accepts credit cards, bank accounts, personal checks, etc. (If paying with a personal check this will delay your order by several days as PayPal confirms source of payment and that the check will not bounce)
  • I will send an invoice detailing your order to your email associated with your PayPal account. Payment must be made within 24-48 hours to keep your order on schedule with printing & shipping times.

  • Choose from glossy photo paper or card stock, in either 4x6" or 5x7" (must choose the size  that corresponds with your invitation design - ask if you're not sure!)
  • Glossy photo paper prints are printed on Kodak paper.
  • Cardstock prints are printed on 8.5x11" - 110lb card stock and cut out to size.
  • Please keep in mind cardstock prints are not as vibrant as photo paper prints.
  • NO invitations will be printed until you approve the final design via email.
  • It can take 3-5 business days for your items to be printed after approval.
  • Once you have approved your design, your items are printed and no more changes can be made.
  • Packages are shipped via USPS Ground and typically arrive to you in 3-5 days after being shipped.
  • Make sure the address you enter is current and correctly spelled.
  • Shipping costs vary depending on the amount of prints you order, but can be anywhere from $5.00-$8.00 per shipment.
  • Each stack of prints are wrapped either in tissue paper or a decorative paper bag, sealed with a sticker, and placed in a stay-flat mailer to ensure they are not bent during shipping. 
  • From start to finish, it may take up to 10 business days to receive your prints (weekends and U.S. Holidays not included)

Printed Party Supplies: 
$0.90 for each 8.5x11" card stock sheet printed (no cutting will be done, you will cut out the items!)

Items can include: banners, cupcake toppers, thank you cards, drink labels, etc.

  • All orders will be paid in full via PayPal before your order is printed & shipped. 
  • PayPal accepts credit cards, bank accounts, personal checks, etc. (If paying with a personal check this will delay your order by several days as PayPal confirms source of payment and that the check will not bounce)
  • I will send an invoice detailing your order to your email associated with your PayPal account. Payment must be made within 24-48 hours to keep your order on schedule with printing & shipping times.

  • All Cardstock prints are printed on 8.5x11" - 110lb card stock.
  • Depending on the item you order, the number of sheets needed to be printed will vary. (Example: 2 banner pieces fit on 1 sheet -or- 12 cupcake toppers on 1 sheet). If you're unsure how many will fit per sheet, I will let you know before you order.
  • It can take 3-5 business days for your items to be printed after your approval.
  • Once you have approved your design, your items are printed and no more changes can be made.
  • Packages are shipped via USPS Ground and typically arrive to you in 3-5 days after being shipped.
  • Make sure the address you enter is current and correctly spelled.
  • Shipping costs vary depending on the amount of prints you order, but can be anywhere from $5.00-$15.00 per shipment.
  • Each stack of prints are placed in a large envelope mailer (typically with bubble wrap inside) and sent to you with "Do Not Bend" or "Fragile" stickers include.
  • From start to finish, it may take up to 10 business days to receive your prints (weekends and U.S. Holidays not included)
*Please note if there are ANY problems during the payment process or your payment is denied for any reason, the order will be cancelled and will not be designed, printed, or shipped until full payment is made.

Get a Hand Drawn Board before they're gone!

We are no longer selling hand drawn boards at this time due to a lack of suppliers having the boards readily available.

You can now purchase a hand drawn board directly from our blog while supplies last! Click here to view the order form and full details or Click here to see images of previously made boards.

Our once growing and busy business has been winding down. While we are sad about this, we are also pregnant with our third child and have a lot going on in our lives right now. Because of this, we have shut down the online shop until further notice. BUT - I still have a handful of boards left in stock! Get one for your child before they're gone! I may/may not sell these in the future. If i do, it will certainly not be in large quantities as I have before - I will likely limit myself to 1-2 boards per week to give myself more time to focus on my family, especially when the new baby arrives :)

I can't say for sure when or if I will return to making boards once my current supply sells out. I will also be selling strictly birthday boards for children ages 0-2 as this is what my current order form, templates, sketches, etc. are designed for (and my most popular style / age range). So for those of you looking for dorm boards, wedding or engagement boards, or family board - I'm sorry :( I will no longer be making these unless there is a very high demand for it.

Thanks for everything over the past two years! I have had a great time designing and creating products for you and your children! I hope to return sometime in the future. :)

Perfect Superhero / Supergirl Accessories!

This year my daughter is having a big Superhero / Supergirl bash for her 6th birthday. So, naturally, as an Etsy seller I started surfing Etsy for the perfect accessories for her birthday photos, and something she could also wear at her party.

I quickly came across BethsAddABow and Bailey's Blossoms an fell in love! Not only did the colors and theme work perfectly, but everything is really great quality and they both offer quick shipping. The cape is made of satin and has a velcro closure in front, and the bow is 4" with a sturdy / slip-free clip.

Stay tuned to the blog, because in late July i'll be posting photos of even more capes from Bailey's Blossoms (which I'm using as party favors for the kids!) as well as lots of matching party printable from my shop that we'll be using at her party.

4" Superman Bow from BethsAddABow / Superman Cape from Bailey's Blossoms

Chore PunchCards for Summer Fun!

I've seen punch cards for Summer floating all over the internet for the last couple months. I love them all, but unfortunately none of them really fit the needs for my family so I've decided to make my own for chores / creating incentives to earn Summer cash!

Anyone who has school-aged children knows that after having 5 days a week filled with non-stop activities at school for 9-10 months out of a year, Summer break can be a bit boring at home sometimes. Some of us plan vacations and day trips throughout Summer, and others try to do things locally or at home. Either way, it can be difficult keeping kids busy of any age.

That's where these handy punch cards come in!

Here's how it works: Just purchase and download the cards, print on 8.5x11" paper or card stock and cut out. Each time your child completes a chore, make a check mark or punch out the circle for that chore. Determine a system were X amount of punches = X amount of dollars. This gives your child incentive to earn some Summer cash so they can go have fun while keeping Mom & Dad happy too :)

You can get these Chore Lists and Chore Punch Cards for $2.50 each. Click the "Contact Me" tab above or email me at

Father's Day Mason Jar Labels / Gift Tags

All new in the HCD shop are these adorable Happy Father's Day 2" labels / gift tags. These can easily be printed on sticker sheets (Avery 22817, 22807) and used on Mason Jar lids, or printed on card stock, cut out, and used as a hanging gift tag with some twine or ribbon.

If you're looking for a custom order, I can do those too!

Email me at to purchase!

{NEW!} Superhero & Supergirl Popcorn Boxes

So excited to share with you a brand new item in the shop - Superhero and Supergirl Popcorn Boxes! Buy them separately or as a set (at a discounted price). These large boxes can hold tons of treats, candy, popcorn, etc as well as make great favor boxes for kids!

Add the favors, wrap in cellophane, tie it off with a ribbon or bow and gift tags and you're good to go! These boxes are super versatile!


Email me at to purchase!

Now offering {PRINTED & SHIPPED} Invitations!!

Here at the HCD Shop i'm now offering printed and shipped 4x6" and 5x7" invitations. You can choose from card stock, matte photo paper or glossy photo paper for your prints - and as always i'm keeping prices very competitive with other sellers!

Keep Reading to get full details and everything you need to know about our new service!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Happy Memorial Day! Remember what this time of year is all about and pay tribute to those who have fallen defending our freedom!

I'm catching up on some Invitation orders today while I have some free time as my husband sets up his new grill. The HCD shop is closed tomorrow for Memorial Day but we've got 3 promotional events running right now so be sure to check those out on our Facebook Page

Current Promos:

25% off Memorial Day Sale
10% off coupon for anyone who leaves a review on Etsy
Enter to win a $25 gift card

Visit Us at Anytime!!

Boo Boo Bandage Boxes!

All NEW in the Hilltop Custom Designs shop are these super cute Boo Boo Bandage Boxes. I created the design from existing design elements and put them onto a crayon box template. I've had lots of customers ask about what they could store / display their Boo Boo Bandages in and i've finally come up with a solution! :)

Boxes are pink and purple polka dots and will be delivered via email after purchase. They are DIY Printables which means you will print them yourself from home, or send to a printing service. Want a custom design with custom colors and/or your child's name added?? Send me an email!

Email me at for questions or to purchase!

PLEASE READ: Additions to current shop policies!

If you've ever purchased from my shop, or plan to in the future please take a minute to read an update to my shop policies concerning the way custom items are delivered and changed during the ordering process.

POLICY UPDATE: Starting May 15, 2014 all custom orders requiring personalized information being added to printables & digital  items (i.e. items from Made 2 Match section, Custom orders, etc) will not be finalized and delivered to customers email until customer has requested any revisions / changes and approved final version of item first via Etsy message. 

After customer approves final version of digital or printed items and that version is sent to their email, no more free revisions or changes will be aloud. Customers may request 2 rounds of revisions on custom items within the first 7 days of purchase for free *before* final item is sent to their email. Each time changes are requested, allow 24 hours for a new sample image to be sent to your Etsy messages for approval. After the first 7 days a $3.00 fee applies for extra changes, after 14 days it is required that a new file be purchased at full price.

This policy excludes all pre-made items available for instant download in the Hilltop Custom Designs shop, which are not personalized before or after purchase. Instant Download items are sold as-is and will not be changed.

So... You're probably wondering.. why the change? Keep reading to find out!

NEW!! Mini Crayon / Treat Boxes

All new in the Hilltop Custom Designs Shop are these super cute mini favor boxes. They can be filled with things like mini crayons, crayon mold shapes (hearts, cars, etc),  gummy bears & other food treats, lip balms, mini nail polishes, and so much more!

You can purchase 6 pre-made "Let's put the Art in Party!" rainbow themed boxes perfect for art parties, or purchase a custom box where you choose the colors, fonts, and designs!

Email me at (or click the Contact Me page above) to purchase!

{PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT} Jewelry Product Cards

Happy Mother's Day weekend! To follow up with my larger Hair Bow / Headband Product Cards I made some simple and sophisticated little product cards for handmade jewelry (i.e. ear rings, rings, etc!).

YOU choose the colors and i'll add on your information and email you the finished card design within 48 hours so you can print them ASAP! Each card design will be the size of your choice, and when finished I'll send you an 8.5x11" PDF file containing several cards per sheet for easier printing at home on card stock.

Email me at (or click the Contact Me page above) to purchase!

{PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT} Custom Bow / Headband Cards

Do you have a business selling handmade hair bows, headbands, jewelry, and more? These super cute - fully customizable - 5.47" x 4.21" product cards are perfect for you!

HOW TO USE: It's easy! Print the cards, use an x-acto knife or pocket knife to cut thin strips in the card for bows with clips (don't cut any strips if using headbands). Clip on bows in various sizes. These cards work great for bows 1" to 5" in size

YOU choose the colors and i'll add on your information and email you the finished card design within 48 hours so you can print them ASAP! Each design can be printed on typical Postcard size paper (5.47" x 4.21") or I can send you an 8.5x11" PDF file containing 2 cards per sheet for easier printing at home on card stock.

Email me at - or click the Contact Me button above - to order!

HOW TO USE: It's easy! Print the cards, use an x-acto knife or pocket knife to cut thin strips in the card for bows with clips (don't cut any strips if using headbands). Clip on bows in various sizes. These cards work great for bows 1" to 5" in size

{PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT} Printable Plant Markers

All new in the HCD Shop are those super cute Spring themed Printable Plant Markers. You have the option to receive a printable PDF sheet of 16 labels (text of your choice added by me), or purchase the PSD template and edit / redesign the markers to your liking!

These are perfect for seedling starters many people have growing in early Spring before they plant their garden outside. You can always use them for small herb gardens, flower pots, and more!

Email me at - or click the Contact Me button above - to order!

15 Free Unique Fonts

Today i've put together 15 of my favorite unique fonts. These are fonts that I like to use when I need a specific look for my items. Some of these are recent downloads for me, I happened to come across them when browsing font websites and fell in love with them so i thought i'd share with you :)

Interested in download these? Click the links below!

{FREEBIE} May 2014 Calendar

A new freebie is available for download from Hilltop Custom Designs! Get your Free May 2014 Calendar at any time between now and the end of May when a new freebie will be available.

Terms of use: You may not sell this calendar for any profit in digital or printed form. You may print in any quantity and share with friends. Copyright remains with HCD.

Branding Your Business: 20 Uses for Business Logos

After adding business logos to my Etsy Shop and realizing what a hit they've been with customers, I wanted to show you a list of ways you can use a personal or business logo for yourself! *Weve now moved to and business items are being added slowly but sure. Email us for more info :)

First, business logos aren't just for companies, they can be used for individuals as well in many different fields: bakeries, photographers, daycare providers, babysitters, graphics designers, gardeners / landscapers, boutique owners, and so much more! If you've got a service you provide to others, a great logo is a must-have when it comes to branding yourself. It's got to stand out and be unique, as well as represent who you are and what you provide.

So, let's get down to it!

Below are different places you can place your logo to maximize your branding potential:

  1. Custom business cards
  2. Ink pens
  3. Tshirts, sweatshirts, etc.
  4. Coffee mugs
  5. Tote bags or plastic bags
  6. Gift tags
  7. Gift bags
  8. Sticker labels
  9. Watermarks on photos and other digital items
  10. Letterheads and paperwork
  11. Envelopes
  12. Flyers
  13. Promotional sale cards / coupons
  14. Social Media
  15. Cupcake toppers
  16. Water bottle labels
  17. Thank You cards
  18. Email signatures
  19. Pamphlets
  20. Custom stamps
Click here to get your own custom business logos, cards, & more from Hilltop Custom Designs. 

If there are any other ways you use your logo or business information feel free to leave it in the comments below for others to see! Thanks for reading :)

You Nailed It! Gift Tags

Today I've got some super cute and simple gift tags that are perfect for use with nail polish bottles and other manicure items when given out as prizes for Spa Parties, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, or other party games.

Its pretty simple: You're playing a fun game, someone wins and as their prize you hand them a nail polish bottle (or other manicure item) with a super cute custom "You Nailed It!" tag. Every little detail counts and your guests will LOVE these :)

Each tag is 1 x 2.5" and can be fully customized to your needs. You choose the background style and color, font style and color, border color, and one line of preferred text! A tag design is only $4.00 and you'll be sent one PDF sheet containing 21 tags.

Email me at to order!

{NEW!} Custom T-Shirt Transfer Designs

All new in the Hilltop Custom Designs shop are pre-made and custom personalized T-Shirt Transfer design images. In the days to come, more pre-made designs like the Girly Dinosaur designs shown above will be added to the shop. However, if you're looking for something to match an Invitation or other printable from my shop you're more than welcome to purchase a Custom T-Shirt Design and have something made just for you :)

Don't forget - these aren't just for kids! If you have a business or organization, I can easily upload your logo or image onto a transfer design and add in extra wording or designs! T-Shirt transfers can also be used on tote bags and so much more!

If you're someone who loves DIY projects that save you money, this is one of them! Don't pay extra when you can print the design yourself and simply iron on to a t-shirt at home. 

Check out my quick and easy  DIY T-shirt Transfer Tutorial 

Email me at - or click the Contact Me button above - to order!

Tutorial: DIY T-shirt Transfer

Clipart from Hilltop Custom Designs, Font is Spicy Rice

Clipart isn't just for creating digital invitations and party printables, it's also great for doing at-home DIY projects like t-shirt transfers. In today's post i'll give you simple instructions on how to create your own t-shirt transfer with clipart.

Keep reading to find out how...

Doc Letters & Alphabet Clipart

All NEW in the Hilltop Custom Designs shop are super cute clipart sets inspired by Doc McStuffin's items. Each set includes clipart images in JPG (white background) and PNG format (transparent background). 

These are perfect for bottle cap images for jewelry, hair bows / headbands, as well as embroidery designs for tshirts, tutu outfits, baby bodysuits, digital invitations, party printables, and so much more! Within 24 hours of payment you'll be sent a download link.

You can purchase :

  • Full Clipart Set with all items
  • Alphabet Clipart
  • Numbers Clipart
  • Heart Clipart w/ Doc and Lamby
Visit my shop or email me at to order!

{PRINTABLES} Custom vs. Premade

As a designer of printables, I often get asked why a custom made and personalized item is slightly more expensive than a pre-made item that is not personalized.

The answer is really simple: Creating custom items takes more time, the buyer has the freedom of changing things to their liking before a final version is sent, and most obviously - personalized items can't be resold like pre made items can. Therefore pre made items are sold at a discounted price for ANYONE who wants to enjoy them :)

I try my best to keep my prices competitive with other sellers and as cheap as I can make them. Custom items are just that - custom, they take more time to make and perfect. Please remember I put a lot of time into making these items, as well as the money spent on graphic design software, backgrounds, fonts, clipart, etc. You’re paying for a custom designed, high quality, printable file - most of which take hours to make prior to being put in my shop. Please respect this and try to understand that i do my best to give you a fair price for items and won't overcharge you for my own benefit.

Most importantly i'd like to add that most of you will notice when looking through my shop, my custom personalized items are only $1-$4 more expensive than the premade non-customizable version of the same item.

Hope this addresses any concerns and answers any questions you may have :) If not feel free to leave a comment and I will respond as soon as I can.

15 Favorite Free Kids Fonts

One of my favorite parts about creating invitations and party printables is the vast combination of fonts you can use that will complete set the mood for your design. It really does make a HUGE difference when you use the right font!!

Today i've put together 15 of my favorite fonts when creating children's printable items. I have over 400 unique fonts in my collection so it was hard to narrow it down to only 15, but I think this is a pretty good group :). These fonts seem to be the ones I use most often on printable invitations and I just love the way they look together.

Interested in download these? Click the links below!

Featured Spotlight: Custom Business Flyers

Don't forget! Hilltop Custom Designs also offers custom made Flyers and Wall Signs for all occasions and businesses. These can be made in various sizes and for any type of event or business. To date, I have designed them as welcome signs for birthday parties, business flyers, program inserts, and school events!

Please message or email me prior to purchase to discuss any design ideas you may have including background styles, colors, clipart, and fonts. I will also need all specific wording you want used and you're more than welcome to ask for a sample :)

The best part? They're only $5.00! Email me at - or click the Contact Me button above - to order!

Have you seen our NEW Business section??

A new set of items has arrived at Hilltop Custom Designs! I am now designing the following custom items...

  • Business Cards
  • Business Logos
  • Etsy Shop Sets
  • Facebook Timeline Sets
  • & more!
I am more than happy to work with you on new designs, as well as customize the many pre made designs already in the shop. Feel free to leave me an Etsy conversation if you have any questions or comments.

Featured Spotlight: Cookie Monster Party!

This week on HCD i've released brand new Cookie Monster themed items! So far we've got two very cute invitations, thank you cards, cupcake toppers (which also double as favor tags), and water bottle labels!

All items are high quality printable files which are either delivered to you via email for at-home printing in a flash! Email me at - or click the Contact Me button above - to order!

COUPON! 2k Sales Promotion!

In celebration of hitting my 2,000 sales mark in my Etsy shop, enjoy a coupon for 50% Off an $8 or more purchase ONE DAY ONLY! • Must use code 2kSales during checkout, discount cannot be applied after purchases are made. Promo ends at midnight 3/13/14.

We are also getting close to my 1 Yr. Anniversary on Etsy (early June) and i will either be having another promotion or some sort of Giveaway (maybe both)!!

Thanks for all your support these past 9 months!

Custom Board FAQ's

Photo provided by customer Crystal H.

I am getting VERY close to Hilltop Custom Designs 1 Yr. Anniversary!! Since my business began with making custom birthday boards for children, I thought i'd write a quick FAQ post for those of you who may be interested. I get lots of questions about the boards and the ordering process, so here is some of what you need to know....

How do I order?- The ordering process takes place on my SHOP page. You simply find a hand drawn board listing that is in stock, thoroughly read the listing description, and place the completed order form (also found in the listing description) in the "notes to seller" box when placing the item in your PayPal cart for purchase. You MUST place the completed form in the "notes to seller" section when ordering or your order will be delayed due to missing information.

How much are your boards?- Birthday boards for ages 0-2 are $25 + $9 shipping. 

Do you ship everywhere?- At this point in time I only ship to the United States, but this may change in the future.

Is the ink permanent?
- Yes, the ink is metallic and permanent. Once the board is made you may not request changes to it. All details are final so PLEASE make sure your information, spelling, etc. is correct!

What are the boards made of?- The boards are 15x20 sturdy, black collage art board. Alot like posterboard but thicker and with more stability. They have a very lightly textured surface and photograph well. Do not get the boards wet, they will warp and become damaged.

Can i return my board or get a refund?- This shop has a no returns and no refunds policy on handmade items that have permanent designs. I  do my best to provide beautiful products and I make boards based on the information you give. That includes colors used, sketches used, placement, etc. I only use the colors and sketches you request. To ensure you get the board you want please be specific and detailed. Remember everything is hand drawn, and i only make what you ask for. Boards are in perfect condition when they leave my home. If they are damaged during shipment you may ask to file an insurance claim via USPS.

If you provide me with incorrect information in your Etsy order details, that information will be put on your board. Please note that I have no idea what information is correct, or incorrect for your child and therefore will take it on good faith you have given me the information you wish to be added. This is why it is so important to check and double check BEFORE submitting orders.

What if i dont like the colors on my board?- Each listing contains a photo of the current colors I have available. If you dont like a specific shade, please dont ask that it be put on your board. This photo is provided so you know exactly what color you’ll be getting and there are no misunderstandings. Do not assume the shade will be lighter or darker when it arrives at your home.

Can i do a custom order?- As long as I have enough boards in stock to do custom orders, I will allow as many as needed. However, you must message me first before attempting to place a custom order so we may discuss the details.

Hope this helps! If there is anything else you have questions about please leave them below in the comments section and I will respond as soon as I can! :)

Minnie & Mickey Gender Reveal Party!

All NEW in the Hilltop Custom Designs Shop this week are Minnie & Mickey Gender Reveal / Baby Shower items in pink & teal! This is a very popular request from my shop. Often times when people see the classic red & black Minnie & Mickey items they will shoot me an Etsy convo asking for teal and pink instead. So after some thought i’ve decided to add these items permanently to my shop! :)

You can get the Invitation made-to-order for you, the Cupcake Toppers and the Diaper Raffle Tickets. in my shop at any time.

OR Email me at to order!

Printable Invitations: Cardstock or Photo Paper?

One question I get asked quite often by my customer is.. “Should I print my invitations on card stock or photo paper??” and typically the answer i always give is “That is completely your choice” because let’s face it, everyone’s preferences are different.

As you can see from the photo, an invitation printed on photo paper is a little more vibrant and truer to color as opposed to one printed on white card stock. The card stock print is off-color and has a slight yellowish tone. In person the card still look good, but when compared to the photo paper print it lacks in vibrancy. However, there are some pro’s and con’s to each form of printing when it comes to invitations that I think are worth noting.....

Address blurred for privacy purposes.

Cardstock PROS:

  • Cheaper than photo paper, you can purchase an 8.5 x 11” pack of card stock (50 sheets) for approx. $6.00 at Walmart and many craft stores. One sheet will generally yield 2 invitations, making the cost per invitation at $0.06 each (for paper only). Thats cheap!
  • Prints will be sturdier than a photo and blank backs can even be used as postcards instead of putting in an envelope, which saves more money.
  • Uses slightly less ink than a photo print.
Cardstock CONS:
  • Cardstock prints are not as vibrant as photo prints and usually not 100% true to color.
  • When printing on 8.5x11” card stock from home you have to cut out the invitations yourself which requires more manual labor and time.
  • When ordering card stock prints from a printing service, it is much more costly than printing with card stock at home.
Photo Paper PROS:
  • Prints are vibrant and true to color.
  • Photo paper will generally last longer than a card stock print (if you or guests intend to keep the invitation as a memento), as card stock may fade faster. Photo paper is better designed to withstand time.
  • Printing with photo paper from home or from a kiosk is faster and easier than printing with card stock as you dont have to cut the invitations out individually, you’ll simply print them on the size of photo paper that coordinates with your invitation and you’re done. 
  • No scissors needed.
Photo Paper CONS:
  • Photo paper prints can be pricier than card stock. A 4x6” print can be $0.19+ each. So about 3-4x more than a card stock print.
  • More vibrant prints = using more ink from your home printer.
  • If you dont have a printer at home that accommodates photo prints, you’ll need to use a photo kiosk or printing service like Kinkos which becomes a tad pricer and may cause you to have to drive to pick them up, or pay to have them shipped to your home.
Essentially, the choice is yours. Are you looking for something 100% DIY that you can accomplish at home? Or do you need something fast and printed for you by a kiosk or printing service? The easiest way to make your decision is to recognize the options around you and in your community for printing, do some price checks, and decide which wether card stock or photo printing is the easiest and/or cheapest route for you.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave comments or questions at any time below, especially if you have some awesome tips to share! :)

Updated: HCD Terms of Use

Please read: The Terms Of Use, and other important information, can always be found on the Shop Policies page of my Etsy shop. Today i’ve went a step further and added a small .jpg image to each Instant Download item from my shop that details the terms of uses for you.

Feel free to take a look. As always, stay up to date on what you can and cannot do with items purchased from a digital designer! Thank you! :)

FREE Printable 911 Emergency Booklet for Children

As the stay-at-home mother of a 6 year old and 2 year old, with a husband who works 2nd shift and is gone most days, I often wonder about what would happen if there were an emergency (particularly with myself) and the only people I had to rely on to help me were my two small children.

That’s exactly why i’ve created a printable DIY 911 Emergency book thats easier for children (of reading age) to understand incase of an emergency. This book, which is totally free, can be downloaded and printed at home for easy use. There’s literally no excuse why you should have one of these in your home.... what could it hurt??

The words are simple and straight forward in large print so children can read and understand them, and all you have to do is print and add your personal info!

Instructions for use:
  1. Print each sheet on paper or card stock.
  2. Assemble by stacking them together in whatever order you prefer and stapling. (Optional: Laminate to insure this booklet will last as long as possible)
  3. Write important information in the fields indicated in large legible writing so its easy for your children to read.
  4. Keep a copy in your home, and even in your car for extra security.
  5. Go over the book with your family every so often so they are clear on what to do!
  6. Make sure everyone knows where the book is placed and KEEP IT THERE! 
This book could also be useful for many other situations that may arise in your home or outside of your home (such as when traveling) where adults are there and someone in your family needs help.(think in terms of house guests, family members, neighbors, passing motorists, etc.) All of your info will be readily available to them when calling 911 and speaking to police and EMS. Please don't assume everyone you know or come in contact with knows your full address, allergies, birthdate, emergency contact numbers, etc. The reality is they probably don’t!

Thanks for visiting! If you found this post and printable helpful or think it needs to be altered in some way to make it better PLEASE let me know! :)

Multi-tasking With Cupcake Toppers

Before I created Hilltop Custom Designs and began making party printables, I would often search Pinterest, Etsy, and other search engines for affordable DIY party supplies for my children’s birthdays. One thing I never realized was that by buying a simple set of pre-made or custom cupcake toppers, I could actually use them for things other than cupcakes!

Cupcake toppers or “party circles" that are 2” or larger are great for a couple different things.... The most obvious is cupcakes, but you can also do some more unique things

  • Punch a hole in the top and tie to gift bags / boxes or treat baggies with ribbon.
  • Punch two holes in the middle (one on the left, one on the right) and slide over a straw to use with drinks, or even over a pencil as a favor.
  • Print on full sticker sheets and cut out then stick onto treat bags, water bottles, juice boxes, or anything else that could use embellishment!
  • Stick on the top of a sucker stick, straw, or similar item and slide into small centerpieces.

This just goes to show that you dont need to buy cupcake toppers AND gift tags AND treat toppers, etc. Why not buy one product that you can use on all of them? It saves you money and makes a beautifully coordinated party :)

Tutorial: DIY Coloring Page / Placemat

I always like to send something unique to my children’s school parties. This year for St. Patricks Day i’ll be sending these super cute coloring pages I made with JW Illustrations digital stamp set in Leprechaun Kids.

Literally anyone could do this! All you need is some cute digital stamp clipart, the font of your choice, and a photo editing program. I use Pixelmator for Apple products. Arrange the digital stamps on an 8.5x11” sheet (or size of your choice) and add the text you desire with a black outline and you’re good to go!

Email me at - or click the Contact Me button above - to order!

New FREEBIE! ABC Color-It-Yourself Placemats.

Click here to get yours!

For a limited time you can now get an exclusive FREE 8.5x11” PDF sheet of ABC Crayon themed color-it-yourself placemats  activity pages for children. These are perfect for classrooms, church activities, birthday parties, and more! Print as often as needed in any quantity. Click the “FREEBIE” tab on my blog or the link above (under the image) to get yours now!

*Terms of use: Free item from Hilltop Custom Designs is for personal use only. You may not sell the item in any form.

Featured Spotlight: Color Your Own Thank You Cards

Crayon themed Thank You card design.

I don’t know about you, but i really.. REALLY don’t like spending hours of my time writing out personalized thank you cards everytime one of my kids has a birthday party or other event that requires a thank you. Maybe i’m the only one (i hope not, lol) but it sure takes up a lot of precious time when you’ve got you’re own business and you’re also a wife and stay at home mom to two children, one of which is a toddler and the other is in Kindergarten and after school activities. Im busy... A lot.

That’s why I created these super cute printable Thank You cards. Now my kids can sit down together and show off their artistic side AND it serves a purpose! Instead of getting a very generally written card from Mom or Dad, you’re guests are getting a Thank You from the kids themselves with a very nice personal touch. Guests will LOVE these!

General Thank You card design for any occasion.

Here’s what you need to know...

  • Each card is 4x6” and fits in a small envelope.
  • Print the cards on 8.5 x 11” card stock for best results.
  • Cut out and crab some art supplies (crayons, markers, colored pencils, etc).
  • Let your kids design the cards however they want to for each guest.
  • Backs of cards are blank so if you really want to add a personal note, you can OR you can use the back as a postcard for easier mailing :)
Each of my “Color Your Own” card designs are $4.00 and can be printed as often as needed.

Email me at - or click the Contact Me button above - to order!

Unique Doc McStuffins Party Printables & Tips For Printing Your Own Party!

Email me at to order!

If there’s one thing i’ve never liked about shopping online for printables, its not seeing the items printed and in action! If I can’t see what the finished product has the potential to look like, I may not buy the item. I want to SEE how great my party can become.

That’s why I’ve recently started taking professional photos of my most popular shop items - Doc McStuffins themed printables! I get a lot of requests for this theme and what has come from that, and my creative customers, are some really great and super unique printable options for your Doc McStuffins party or just for pretend play at home.

These Boo Boo Book, Wristbands, Boo Boo stickers, Doctor Badges, Thank You Cards, Favor Tags, Favor Boxes, and Cupcake Toppers are exclusive to Hilltop Custom Designs! You won’t find them anywhere else (and if you do, they’re knockoffs!). I was the first seller on Etsy to offer many of these unique and cute Doc themed items. Since then a lot of people have come along and tried to make duplicates, but in my very biased opinion, mine are still the best ;)

Email me at to order!

So - let’s talk about some things you need to know about printing your own party...
  • White 8.5 x 11” card stock is recommended unless your item is in another size.
  • Circular or scalloped hole punches will save you TONS of time with cupcake toppers!
  • Dont want to print at home?? Use printing services like FedEx/Kinkos, Staples, or OfficeMax!
  • Items will always be a little less vibrant when printed, thats just the nature of viewing things on our new-age HD screens and having printers that dont exactly print in HD. (yet)
  • Scissors will be a huge part of the process, but dont get discouraged!
  • Kids love unique party favors that they can personalize, so printing things like Doctor Badges or Wristbands make everything a memorable experience for them
  • You dont have to go overboard! Sticking to a simple color theme (usually 2-4 colors) and having matching items makes all the difference. Your party will look professional this way and people will be sure to be impressed!!
I’ve been doing my children’s parties by myself via party printables for 2 years now and while it was daunting at first, i love it now! Sure, pre-made store bought stuff is easier but you won’t get the same effect! :)

DIY Picture Frame Bow Holder

Does your daughter have a TON of bows?? Mine does! This easy and very cheap DIY Project for a Picture Frame Bow Holder will solve a lot of your bow storage issues while making some insanely cute wall art for her bedroom or bathroom at the same time! 
Before we begin on the how-to section, let me start off by saying I spent approx. $5 making this project only because I did not already have ribbon or a frame that I wanted to use. I started by going to a  local flea market, and after some searching found this $2 picture frame and i knew immediately it was perfect for the style of bow holder I wanted to create. I then went to a local WalMart and bought 3 spools of ribbon, approx $1 each. The other items needed I already had at my home and some of you may have EVERYTHING you need already!

Time: 15 minutes
Cost: $0-$10
*Measurements for ribbon will depend on frame size.
  • Staple gun or glue gun
  • Ribbon 
  • Picture frame (any size)
  • Decorative accent for frame (optional)
  • Scissors
  1.  Grab a picture frame of any size. Remove the glass and any staples or nails from the frame itself
  2. Grab some ribbon, you can use any size or colors that you wish. I used 3 colors of ⅞” ribbon.
  3. Depending on the size of frame youre using, measure your ribbon so it is the same length as the frame (with a little left over). You will want your ribbon to run vertically (up and down) the frame.
  4. Now, using a staple gun or glue gun, arrange the ribbon horizontally along the BACK of the frame (the side that will face the wall). Staple or glue the ribbon strips into place leaving at least 1-2 inches between each ribbon. If you have large bows, space them further apart.
  5. Once the ribbon strips are in place on the frame and any glue is dry (if you used glue) get yourself a length of ribbon long enough to create a hanging device for the frame. Make a bow in the ribbon and add some hot glue to secure. Take the ends of the ribbon and staple or hot glue to the inside of the BACK of the frame (side that faces the wall)
  6. Trim any ribbon that may be showing, and add any jewels, flowers, or cute accents to the frame - optional of course! I used a white fabric flower with pearl accents in the top right corner.
  7. Add bows and you are FINISHED!

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